A04013 Summary:

Amd 553 & 563, Pub Auth L; amd 349-f, Hway L
Relates to renaming the Queens Midtown tunnel the Jane Matilda Bolin tunnel.
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A04013 Actions:

01/31/2019referred to corporations, authorities and commissions
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A04013 Committee Votes:

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A04013 Floor Votes:

There are no votes for this bill in this legislative session.
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A04013 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                               2019-2020 Regular Sessions
                   IN ASSEMBLY
                                    January 31, 2019
        Introduced  by M. of A. AUBRY -- read once and referred to the Committee
          on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions
        AN ACT to amend the public authorities  law  and  the  highway  law,  in
          relation  to renaming the Queens Midtown tunnel the Jane Matilda Bolin

          The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and  Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section 1. Paragraphs (f), (i) and (j) of subdivision 9 of section 553
     2  of  the  public  authorities  law,  paragraphs (f) and (i) as amended by
     3  chapter 954 of the laws of 1946 and paragraph (j) as amended by  chapter
     4  558 of the laws of 2010, are amended to read as follows:
     5    (f)  a  vehicular  tunnel  or tunnels heretofore constructed, known as
     6  [Queens Midtown] Jane Matilda Bolin tunnel, under the  East  river  from
     7  the  borough  of  Manhattan to the borough of Queens, together with such
     8  incidental bridges and tunnels, including but not limited to,  a  tunnel
     9  or  tunnels or bridge across Newtown creek from the borough of Queens to
    10  the borough of Brooklyn and such other structures, appurtenances, facil-
    11  ities and approaches as shall be necessary or convenient; and
    12    (i) a vehicular tunnel or  tunnels  or  arterial  highway  across  the
    13  borough  of Manhattan connecting the [Queens Midtown] Jane Matilda Bolin
    14  tunnel with the Lincoln (Midtown  Hudson)  tunnel,  together  with  such
    15  incidental  tunnels and such other structures, appurtenances, facilities
    16  and approaches as shall be necessary or convenient; and
    17    (j) Bus stations or terminals or automobile parking garages at  or  in
    18  the  vicinity  of the Columbus circle in the borough of Manhattan and of
    19  the Manhattan plazas of the [Queens Midtown] Jane Matilda Bolin and Hugh
    20  L. Carey tunnels. Any such project may, subject to zoning  restrictions,
    21  include  space  and  facilities  for any or all of the following: public
    22  recreation, business, trade and other exhibitions, sporting and athletic
    23  events, public meetings, conventions and all kinds of  assemblages,  and
    24  in  order  to obtain additional revenues, space and facilities for busi-
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        A. 4013                             2
     1  ness and commercial purposes. Whenever the authority deems it to  be  in
     2  the  public  interest,  the  authority may lease any such project or any
     3  part or parts thereof or contract for the management and operation ther-
     4  eof  or  of any part or parts thereof. Any such lease or contract may be
     5  for a period of not exceeding ten years, or,  if  any  of  the  revenues
     6  therefrom  are  or  are to be pledged to secure bonds then such lease or
     7  contract may be for a period extending not later by more than  one  year
     8  than the last maturity of such bonds.
     9    §  2.  Subdivision  3 of section 563 of the public authorities law, as
    10  amended by chapter 558 of the laws  of  2010,  is  amended  to  read  as
    11  follows:
    12    3.  The state of New York does pledge to and agree with the holders of
    13  any bonds that no tunnel, bridge, parkway, causeway, street, road, high-
    14  way or other connection for vehicular traffic, which will be competitive
    15  with the [Queens Midtown] Jane Matilda Bolin tunnel or the Hugh L. Carey
    16  tunnel or the Brooklyn Richmond tunnel or the  Narrows  bridge  will  be
    17  constructed;  provided that a tunnel, bridge, parkway, causeway, street,
    18  road, highway or other connection for vehicular traffic shall be consid-
    19  ered as competitive if it shall form a connection for vehicular  traffic
    20  over,  under or across the East river south of Queensboro bridge, or, if
    21  it shall form a connection for vehicular traffic between the boroughs of
    22  Manhattan, Brooklyn or Richmond over, under or across New York bay.  The
    23  covenant  herein  contained  restricting competitive traffic connections
    24  with any project or projects shall be only for the benefit of the  hold-
    25  ers  of  bonds secured in whole or in part by the pledge of the revenues
    26  of such project or projects and subject to and in  accordance  with  all
    27  contract  provisions  with  respect  to any bonds outstanding on January
    28  first, nineteen hundred fifty-five and the rights of the holders of such
    29  bonds, the covenant herein contained shall not be deemed to prevent  the
    30  construction of any bridge or tunnel exclusively for railway rapid tran-
    31  sit purposes.
    32    §  3.  Section  349-f of the highway law, as amended by chapter 288 of
    33  the laws of 2018, is amended to read as follows:
    34    § 349-f. New York city routes. The following existing or proposed main
    35  routes or thoroughfares, are designated herein, as aforesaid, viz.:
    36    New England thruway from  the  Westchester  county  line  to  Bruckner
    37  expressway;  Bruckner  expressway  from New England thruway to Robert F.
    38  Kennedy bridge approach; Hutchinson river parkway from  the  Westchester
    39  county line to the Bronx-Whitestone bridge approach; Bronx river parkway
    40  from  the  Westchester  county line to Bruckner expressway; Henry Hudson
    41  parkway from the Westchester county line to Miller highway excepting the
    42  Henry Hudson bridge, provided that no portion of this  route  from  West
    43  Seventy-second street to the Cross Bronx expressway shall be constructed
    44  or reconstructed so as to encroach in any way on or over any land mapped
    45  or  used  for park purposes except for such temporary encroachment of no
    46  more than ten feet in width from seventy-third street  to  seventy-sixth
    47  street  as may be essential during and for the purpose of reconstruction
    48  or repair of the existing roadway following which there  shall  be  full
    49  restoration  of  park  land;  Major Deegan expressway from the Robert F.
    50  Kennedy bridge to Central Park avenue at  the  Westchester  county  line
    51  together  with  a connection to Broadway and along Broadway to Manhattan
    52  college parkway; Cross Bronx expressway from  George  Washington  bridge
    53  approach  to  Throgs  Neck  bridge; Throgs Neck expressway from Bruckner
    54  expressway to Throgs Neck bridge; Arthur  V.  Sheridan  expressway  from
    55  Cross-Bronx  expressway  to  Bruckner  expressway;  Mosholu parkway from
    56  Henry Hudson parkway to Bronx river parkway; Bronx  and  Pelham  parkway

        A. 4013                             3
     1  from  Bronx river parkway to New England thruway; Boston road from Bronx
     2  and Pelham parkway to New England thruway;  Miller  highway  from  Henry
     3  Hudson  parkway  to  the  Hugh  L.  Carey tunnel; and from Hugh L. Carey
     4  tunnel  to  Brooklyn-Queens expressway; Franklin D. Roosevelt drive from
     5  the Hugh L. Carey tunnel to Robert F. Kennedy  bridge  approach;  Harlem
     6  river  drive from Robert F. Kennedy bridge approach to George Washington
     7  bridge approach; Belt parkway including Gowanus parkway to Third  avenue
     8  and  Sixtieth street, Leif Erikson drive to Knapp street, Shore parkway,
     9  Belt parkway, Southern parkway and Cross Island  parkway  from  Hugh  L.
    10  Carey tunnel to Bronx-Whitestone bridge approach; Nassau expressway from
    11  Southern  parkway  to the Nassau county line; Brooklyn-Queens expressway
    12  from Gowanus expressway to Grand Central  parkway;  Prospect  expressway
    13  from  Gowanus  expressway  to Ocean parkway; Ocean parkway from Prospect
    14  expressway to Shore parkway; Interborough  parkway  from  Grand  Central
    15  Parkway  to Belt parkway; Gowanus expressway from the Verrazzano-Narrows
    16  bridge to Third avenue at Gowanus parkway;  Third  Avenue  from  Gowanus
    17  expressway to Hamilton avenue; Hamilton Avenue from Third Avenue to Hugh
    18  L.  Carey tunnel; Queens boulevard from Queensborough bridge approach to
    19  Van Wyck expressway; Van Wyck  expressway  from  Whitestone  expressway,
    20  including  a  connection  to  Grand  Central parkway, to John F. Kennedy
    21  international airport; Woodhaven  boulevard  from  Queens  boulevard  to
    22  Cross  Bay  parkway  bridge  northerly  approach; Cross Bay parkway from
    23  Cross Bay bridge southerly approach to Short Front parkway; Shore  Front
    24  parkway  from  Cross  Bay  parkway generally along the shore line of the
    25  Atlantic ocean to the Nassau  expressway  at  the  Nassau  county  line;
    26  Queens-Midtown  expressway  from  [Queens-Midtown]  Jane  Matilda  Bolin
    27  tunnel approach to Queens  Boulevard;  Horace  Harding  expressway  from
    28  Queens  Boulevard to the Nassau county line; a connection between Brook-
    29  lyn-Queens expressway and Northern boulevard in the  vicinity  of  Grand
    30  Central  parkway;  Grand  Central  parkway from Robert F. Kennedy bridge
    31  approach to Nassau county line; Whitestone expressway from  Bronx-White-
    32  stone  bridge  approach  to  Van Wyck expressway and continuing to Grand
    33  Central parkway; Clearview expressway from Throgs Neck bridge to  Nassau
    34  expressway;  Richmond  parkway  from  Staten Island expressway to Outer-
    35  bridge crossing approach; Staten Island expressway from Goethals  bridge
    36  to  the  Verrazzano-Narrows  bridge with a connection to Bayonne bridge;
    37  Willowbrook parkway from Staten Island expressway to Great  Kills  park;
    38  West  Shore  expressway  from  Staten  Island  expressway to Outerbridge
    39  crossing; Shore Front drive northerly from the terminus  of  West  Shore
    40  expressway at Staten Island expressway, thence generally along the shore
    41  lines  of Kill Van Kull, the Narrows, Lower New York bay and Raritan bay
    42  to the approach to Outerbridge crossing.
    43    § 4. Terms occurring in laws, regulations, contracts and  other  docu-
    44  ments.  Whenever  Queens  Midtown  tunnel  or  Queens-Midtown  tunnel is
    45  referred to or designated in any law, regulation, contract or  document,
    46  such  reference  or designation shall be deemed to refer to Jane Matilda
    47  Bolin tunnel, and no such laws, regulations, contracts  or  other  docu-
    48  ments shall be thereby impaired in any way.
    49    §  5.  The  New  York state department of transportation, the New York
    50  city department of transportation and the Triborough bridge  and  tunnel
    51  authority shall provide for the installation and maintenance of adequate
    52  signage in conformance with section one of this act within such time and
    53  in such manner as they shall deem appropriate.
    54    § 6. This act shall take effect immediately.
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