Ryan Announces Campaign to Keep Grant Street Clean

July 10, 2018

Buffalo – Today, July 10th, New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan joined Grant Street business owners and stakeholders to introduce the Assemblyman’s new Grant Street anti-litter campaign. Earlier this year, the Assemblyman was joined by approximately 50 business owners, residents and block club leaders for the first annual Grant Street Cleanup. After seeing the amount of litter cleaned by those volunteers, Assemblyman Ryan saw a need for a sustained anti-litter campaign in addition to the annual cleanup.

The program will include 48 new street signs, written in English, Spanish and Burmese that will help everyone in the diverse neighborhood understand the importance of keeping Grant Street clean. The signs will be installed on Grant Street from the corner of Grant & Arkansas to the corner of Grant & Forrest. Brooms and dustpans will also be provided to business owners along the Grant Street corridor to help them keep their storefronts clean on a daily basis.

“Over the last few years Grant Street has seen a huge increase in the number of people visiting on a regular basis,” said Assemblyman Sean Ryan. “With the increased traffic, it’s extremely important that we keep our streets and sidewalks clean. This program will engage both business owners and community members to take pride in their neighborhood and keep Grant Street clean. Grant Street is improving every day, and we look forward to continuing to work with our community to continue to make it a great place to live, work and shop.”

Buffalo Common Council Majority Leader David Rivera said: “Grant Street is the main corridor of the Niagara District, with some of the busiest pedestrian intersections in the City. With all of this foot traffic, it is vital that we keep our streets and sidewalks clean. I thank Assemblymember Ryan for bringing attention to this issue and for all the participating businesses & volunteers who have been cleaning Grant St. for years. We must change the culture of littering one plastic wrapper at a time. We all live here, shop at local businesses, and walk in the neighborhood. We all must have the same appreciation for a clean Grant Street for this to be a success.”