Assembly Budget Builds on Governor’s Proposal

Invests $483.3 million more to increase access to health care

The budget passed by the Assembly today is a good, responsible plan that provides tax relief and necessary services for the people of this State while getting New York’s finances back on track.

The Assembly’s budget proposal coincides with the governor in most areas. I wholeheartedly support his Middle Class STAR tax relief plan that targets aid to working families and I commend his new school aid formula which will distribute funding in a transparent, equitable manner.

As far as the health care budget, the Assembly’s proposal builds on the governor’s – and invests $483.3 million more to increase access to health care, protect the most vulnerable patients and reform a system that needs adjustment in a measured, prudent way. Our budget would restore most of the state funding to hospitals and nursing homes, including annual inflation adjustments in Medicaid payments and end the 0.35 percent gross receipts tax on health care providers.

Over the past few months we’ve been able to come together on a variety of new laws, including civil commitment and workers’ compensation reform. In the coming weeks, I’m confident we will continue to work together in a spirit of bipartisanship to enact an on-time budget.