Assemblyman Stirpe: Assembly Budget Proposal Lays a Framework for Our State’s Priorities

“As New York grapples with balancing a spending plan with less federal funding this year, the Assembly budget proposal seeks to mitigate drastic shortfalls of critical programs, educational investments and support services our communities rely on.

“The Assembly proposal adds $1.8 billion in school aid, increases funding for universal pre-K and provides free school meals for all students. Every child deserves a quality education on a full stomach, and our one-house spending plan is committed to helping students succeed.

“As our state’s population ages, the strain on our already taxed senior care systems is clear and underfunded nursing homes poses challenges to the health, safety, and quality of life of our seniors. While our one-house spending plan increases nursing home rates and restores the capital rate add-on, we must work together to ensure the final budget better protects our seniors, so they have equitable access to the quality care they need and deserve.

“The Assembly budget plan also delivers critical support to our higher education institutions, including debt service forgiveness for SUNY hospitals that would save them nearly $80 million and an investment in their capital funds.

“As the budget negotiations continue, we must continue to look for ways to protect critical services and programs and ensure a balanced budget that demonstrates commitment to our must vulnerable, our families, and our state’s economy.”