2017 Community Survey

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The State Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration are making plans to address the aging I-81 viaduct in the city of Syracuse. Two main ideas have been presented, including a plan to create a community grid in Syracuse and reroute I-81 around the city, and another to rebuild I-81 to existing federal specifications. Both plans will require multi-year construction projects. Which option do you prefer?

Community grid
Rebuild viaduct
Hybrid option (community grid and depressed highway/tunnel)
Consensus, an organization made up of local community leaders, has put forth a plan to encourage government mergers and consolidation. While much attention has been given to the city-county merger (which would not force towns to join), the plan also includes many other suggestions to streamline local government. What is your position on the Consensus plan?

I support enacting consolidation, including the city-county merger
I support enacting some consolidation, but not the city-county merger
There is no need for any consolidation
I need more information
Working with local business and community leaders, New York State is assessing plans to develop an inland port in Central New York to take advantage of our proximity to large consumer markets and to create local jobs. Several locations are being considered. Do you support this effort?

It depends where it is
The state Legislature has adopted several reforms to Common Core in recent sessions. Some of the changes include reducing the amount of test days and test questions, eliminating time limits on tests and changing how student assessments impact teacher evaluations. A State Education Department committee has also made new recommendations to ensure standards are grade-level appropriate. Following these reforms, do you now support the use of the Common Core standards in public schools?

What do you feel is the biggest obstacle facing businesses in our community?

Need for a more skilled local workforce
Regulations and fees
High taxes
Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is a statewide plan to build a cleaner and more affordable energy system that will promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources like wind, solar and other small-scale, localized power sources. Do you support this proposal?

As part of state ethics reform, would you rather a system that provides for greater disclosure of outside incomes while keeping lawmakers part time, or requiring the Legislature to serve full time, with a ban on outside incomes?

System that provides for greater disclosure of outside incomes while keeping them as part-time lawmakers
Serve full time with a ban on outside incomes