Assemblywoman Hyndman Announces the Installation of NYPD Cameras

New technology will help enhance public safety at critical locations throughout District 29

Laurelton, NY – New York State Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman announced the installation of thirty state of the art Argus surveillance cameras, which the NYPD will install at various locations throughout the 29th Assembly District. The installation is made possible by a $1.1 million allocation by Hyndman.

“This is a big win for District 29,” said Assemblywoman Hyndman. “These cameras will help enhance public safety by giving the NYPD the ability to monitor hot spots and will also act as a deterrent to crime. This was truly a collaborative effort on the part of the community and our partners at the NYPD, now our neighborhoods will benefit from this technology that is already in use in other parts of Queens and the other boroughs.”

Argus cameras are typically installed atop lamp posts and feature a large white box with the NYPD shield. The cameras monitor public areas and have helped police deter and detect criminal activities.

Commanding Officer of Queens South, Assistant Chief David Barrere and Assemblywoman Hyndman, working in tandem with the commanders of the 103rd, 105th, and 113th Precincts, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, Addisleigh Park Civic Association, Rosedale Civic Association and the Brinkerhoff Action Association selected the sites for the cameras. Placement of these cameras was based on community input, crime data and other factors determined by the NYPD.

“Thank you Assemblymember Hyndman for your commitment to public safety, as well as your diligence on the installation of these security cameras” said Deputy Inspector Fortune, C.O. 103rd Precinct. “Safety is the shared responsibility of everyone and these Argus cameras will help us to better protect and serve the people who enter and exit the 103rd Precinct daily.”

"These cameras will discourage crime and help our law enforcement officials better secure our neighborhoods," said Senator Leroy Comrie. "I commend Assembly Member Hyndman for her leadership on this important issue as well as the NYPD and community for their input and support."

“The Addisleigh Park residents are very appreciative for this investment aimed at improving security and safety in the community. The deployments of the NYPD cameras demonstrate the continued support and commitment to our community by Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman and the NYPD. Thank You” said Michael Scotland, President of Addisleigh Park Civic Association.

"The Rosedale Civic Association is ecstatic about the finalization of the thirty Argus Cameras Public Safety project in the 29th NYS Assembly District. The five (5) Argus Cameras for the Rosedale community will be of great assistance to effective policing of residential and commercial sections. This is a re-confirmation of rare and unprecedented cooperation of several South-East Queens Local Civic Associations in coordinated tackling of regional issues towards adequate resolution with mutual benefits” said Marcia O’Brien, President and Board Chairperson Rosedale Civic Association. “My office and the Board of Trustees of the Rosedale Civic Association present their sincere compliments to Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman, her effective current staff and the former personnel of the 29th NYS Assembly Local District Office, the NYPD Queens Borough South Command, the NYPD Precincts within the District, Precinct Commanders' Community Councils and NYC DOT for taking on this public safety initiative for our residents."