Garbarino: Majority's Anti-Police, Pro-Criminal Agenda Threatens Public Safety

July 10, 2020

Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I-Sayville) joined his Assembly Minority colleagues and numerous criminal justice officials to call out the recent changes in law which have made New Yorkers less safe. The Assemblyman and his colleagues are calling for a reversal on new laws eliminating bail in most arrests, reestablishing judicial review and halting policies that return criminals to the streets, rather than taking the necessary steps to protect them from COVID-19.

“Our public safety is in crisis by policies and actions of the governor and the most extreme of liberals in our state. It first started with the chaos created by so-called bail reforms, then criminals being released from jail because of COVID-19, and then only a few weeks ago the Majority-led Legislature turned its back on our law enforcement and imposed rules that make them vulnerable in the course of their work,” said Garbarino, who sits on the Assembly Committee on Codes, which reviews criminal legislation. “Then just yesterday, Attorney General Letitia James parroted dangerous and divisive rhetoric saying that New Yorkers no longer trust the police. This puts my constituents who serve in law enforcement, and in particular in the NYPD, in danger. Her words are the furthest from the truth, most New Yorkers trust and are thankful for their police officers. Police officers, by and large, care about and want to serve the community, and public officials need to provide them with support.”

New York City, for example, has been experiencing a surge in crime statistics. Year-to-date, homicides increased by 27 percent, burglaries are up by 45 percent and shootings are up by 63 percent. Homicides in 2019 were 439, this year it is 717. In just June, the city had 205 shootings. New York City has walked back policing methods that were successful at keeping crime at bay.

“New Yorkers must hold firm against the onslaught of anti-safety and anti-police legislation being pushed through by the one-party ruled Legislature,” added Garbarino.

Video of the press conference may be found here: