Assemblyman Billy Jones Visits Chateaugay Memorial Library and Chateaugay Historical Society After Securing Funding

Assemblyman Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay Lake) recently visited the Chateaugay Memorial Library and Chateaugay Historical Society after securing both organizations funding for equipment and community outreach.

“Local historical associations and libraries play such an important role in everyone’s life,” said Jones. “These organizations are the gateways to knowledge and local history, and I am proud to have supported these organizations by securing them funding so that future generations are able to experience the best Chateaugay has to offer. I look forward to supporting many more community organizations like these across my district in the future.”

The Chateaugay Memorial Library converted the library lighting to LED and installed room sensors with part of the funding. The Library also purchased new computers for staff, laptops, and furniture. Additionally, they were able to purchase video conferencing equipment which was useful during the pandemic. The rest of the funding was used to purchase more library equipment and books for their collection.

“The Chateaugay Memorial Library board members are extremely grateful for the generous funding Assemblyman Jones secured for us,” said Melissa Erhardt, Director of the Chateaugay Memorial Library. “This money will go far in assisting us to serve our patrons and community now and on into the future.”

With the funding Jones secured, the Chateaugay Historical Society purchased new equipment and the necessary materials to preserve their collections to be used in educational programming including new historical markers. This will help residents learn more about local history and their heritage.

“Thanks to the Assemblyman Jones’s efforts to secure a grant for our group, we are utilizing the funds to: continue the publishing of our quarterly newsletter, to purchase display equipment/materials for our annual exhibits and to secure additional historical markers to place throughout the town,” said Mick Jarvis, Treasurer of the Chateaugay Historical Society. “This funding will help us in our mission to capture, preserve, and display the history of Franklin County’s oldest town for generations to come.”

“I am glad I was able to visit the Library and Historical Society today to experience firsthand what amazing things these organizations are doing for the Chateaugay community,” said Jones. “This summer, I hope that everyone takes advantage of what’s right here in our backyard and sees what’s new at both the Chateaugay Memorial Library and the Chateaugay Historical Society.”