Assemblyman Billy Jones: Statement on Concealed Carry Improvement Act

“The concealed carry legislation that was passed yesterday was highly flawed and is harmful to many legal gun owners who reside in the Adirondacks and North Country. It’s deeply concerning that simply possessing a gun in the Adirondack Park is now considered illegal. The pistol permitting policy in New York State is already strenuous and tedious. This is another example of why we shouldn’t rush through legislation. In context, there are thousands upon thousands of Adirondack Park and North Country residents who have concealed carry permits yet there have been no shootings in public with legally permitted concealed carry gun owners in our region in recent memory – simply put, this bill does not help with the gun violence many regions in our state are facing. The focus should be on illegal guns and illegal trafficking of weapons. This bill also puts another mandate on businesses and more undue mandates on legal responsible gun owners.”