Assemblyman Jones: Extended Border Restrictions Will Have Dire Consequences

“Today, the federal administration announced that they are extending the travel restrictions between the United States and Canada. It has been 87 excruciating days since the border restrictions have been put in place and as the Honorary Co-Chair of the Quebec-New York Corridor Coalition, I know the impact this has had not only on our regional economy, but on the everyday lives of many of our residents.

“The North Country Chamber of Commerce has dedicated decades to fostering the relationship between the North Country and Quebec, and the continuation of this directive will undoubtedly have long lasting consequences on both countries’ tourism industry, and on our economies as a whole. Further, as a region with strong international ties, there is a plethora of residents with family members who live in the opposite country. While it is encouraging that immediate family members can now cross, most cannot afford to be quarantined for 14 days.

“While I am disappointed in this announcement, I am dedicated to working with our federal partners to find alternatives that address public health concerns about non-essential international travel, while simultaneously ensuring that our economies can continue to move forward, and families can safely be reunited.”