Assemblyman Jones: U.S.-Canada Task Force Will Help Nations Recover

“The formation of a joint United States-Canada task force to determine and implement border reopening strategies is a much-needed and necessary step in the fight against COVID-19. Although international travel has undoubtedly changed, this task force will provide a platform for the extensive amount of planning required for such an undertaking. The closing of the border in March has negatively impacted local businesses, workers, property owners and families, and it’s critical that we find ways to safely reopen the border.

“The main goal of this task force will be to protect the health and safety of the residents of both nations. In addition to determining what kinds of joint security measures should be enforced when the reopening process begins, such as health screening and testing, the task force will help facilitate communications between the two countries and foster mutually beneficial outcomes. As we move forward, as the Co-chair of CSG East’s Canada–U.S. Relations Committee I will continue working with community leaders and our federal representatives to safely reunite North Country families and help grow our regional economy.”