Assemblyman Jones: New York State Employees Deserve Their Contracted Raise, Contracts

“Throughout this pandemic, many of our public servants including law enforcement officers have been working the frontlines to keep our society functioning and our communities safe,” said Assemblyman Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay Lake) “In the wake of a devastating global health crisis, the Governor delayed scheduled pay raises to over 80,000 workers including New York State troopers, corrections officers, members of CSEA and other state employees. Beyond that, many agency police officers in the Police Benevolent Association have continued to work without a contract in place. Given the impending influx of federal dollars, it is high time these employees be given the raise they’ve earned and the contract they deserve. These hardworking men and women continued to go to work each day during the pandemic and I am calling on the Governor to act now: release these funds and settle a contract for those working without one.”