Assemblyman Jones: U.S., Canadian Officials Must Continue Working to Safely Lift Border Restrictions

“The announcement earlier today that the U.S.-Canada border will remain closed through at least May 21 is truly frustrating as there continues to be no staged plan from the federal governments. This continues to have a significant impact on our regional economy and action must be taken to ensure this vital lifeline to our friends and families is safely opened. As co-chair of CSG East’s Canada-U.S. Relations Committee, I’m working with local officials and stakeholders, including the North Country Chamber of Commerce, as well as our neighbors to find ways to safely reopen our borders.

“From fostering international trade and creating good-paying jobs to helping families stay connected, an accessible border is critical for North Country families. I’ll keep working to review current border restrictions and help ensure we’re prepared to safely reopen this critical crossing as soon as possible.”