Assemblyman Jones's Statement on New York State Comptroller's Office Broadband Report

“No one who lives in the North Country is surprised by the recent report by the New York State Comptroller’s Office that puts our region at the top of the list of households that still do not have broadband access. That is why I have continuously been advocating to have accurate data published and cosponsored A.6679/S8805 which would have required the Public Service Commission to review broadband services across the state. Overall, the report found that 19.3% of households in the North Country lack broadband access. Leaders across the state have bragged about 99% of the population having access to broadband, but as I have been saying all along, that is simply not true. The report also asks important questions about the number of households that only have access to broadband from one company, which causes problems with pricing because of lack of competition. Further, the numbers are not indicative of households with satellite service, which we all know is not as efficient as broadband and internet service.

“Now that we have the data to support what everyone in the North Country already knew about broadband availability, we must come up with solutions to increase broadband access in our region. Constituents contact my office every week wondering when they will be connected to the broadband services that they were promised years ago, and it is about time the state followed through on that promise.”