Oaks Takes Action To Safeguard Students

May 31, 2018

As a lawmaker and grandparent, Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R,C-Macedon) has shared the public’s deep concern over school shootings, and while he is continuing to work with his colleagues to address mental illness and other root causes behind the shootings, he is also taking more immediate steps to protect students at school.

“Sometimes a small idea can be lifesaving,” said Oaks of the new legislation he has introduced (A.10823). “Many doors in schools do not lock and under current regulation, schools are not allowed to use doorstops or other means to secure a door from the inside. My bill would give schools the option to allow these devices to be used in emergency situations. If even one student or teacher is better protected as a result, this legislation is well worth it.”

Oaks came up with the idea for the bill after learning that the use of doorstops is a recommendation in active shooter safety protocol, yet the state Department of Education currently does not allow schools to use them. Common rubber doorstops are a low-cost and effective tool to help buy time during a lockdown-type emergency. Though the assemblyman acknowledges the bill would not prevent school shootings from happening, it could help save lives in the event one does occur.