Welcome Letter

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the honor to allow me to serve you in the NY State Assembly. I believe we must give back our government to the people. My staff and I will work very hard to make government more accountable and responsive to you. I believe the middle class, those working to get into the middle class, and seniors have been forgotten. My goal is to give the people, and not the special interest groups, a voice.

You should not have to deal with the government alone to solve your issue or concern. Please call our office at 718-651-3185 and we will help you every step of the way. I can also be reached via email at barnwellb@nyassembly.gov. Whenever you see something that bothers or concerns you in our neighborhood, do not hesitate to contact us.

On this website, you are also able to find the legislation that I have sponsored or am supporting. When considering legislation, I always ask myself, how does this bill help or hurt the taxpayer?

Again, thank you for the privilege in allowing me to be your representative.

Brian Barnwell

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I will continue to stand with Nurses to fight for Safe Staffing. I always enjoy watching the performances put on by the All Stars at St Stans’. It was a great time joining my colleagues in government to provide free rain barrels to those in the community. Saving water is important. Always happy to sponsor a free pet adoption event. Coming from a family of Nurses, I know how hard they work.  I am glad to recognize nurses with citations for the work they do.

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