Statement on the 7 Line Service

May 4, 2018

My office has been working with the MTA to alleviate many of the short and long term issues regarding 7 line reliability. Mass transit service in western Queens and the long term impact that the L train shutdown will have on our Long Island City & Sunnyside communities must be addressed.

Over ten years ago, our community successfully advocated to have the 7 line signal project included in the MTA’s capital plan to improve safety and reliability.

At the request of Access Queens the MTA recently held an open house in Ridgewood to better inform residents of the L train shutdown. Last week I requested that they hold a similar public event in Sunnyside or Long Island City. With the recent news of further delays of the installation of the new signal system on the 7 line, it is critical that the MTA come to our community to discuss the long and short term plans for improved transit service in western Queens.

A Town Hall public meeting in the Long Island City or Sunnyside area would be of great benefit to our community and I would urge the MTA to sponsor one.