Colin Schmitt and Local Officials Call for Immediate Action to Provide Gas Price Relief

NEW WINDSOR, NY — Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C-New Windsor), today held a press conference to discuss immediate actions required to provide relief for skyrocketing gas prices. The national average price for a gallon of regular gas hit $4 on Sunday, March 6th — the highest it has been since 2008. The average price one year ago was $2.76 a gallon, as the market was still recovering from the plunge that occurred early in the pandemic. The AAA national average stands at $4.01, up 9 cents a gallon since March 5th, and up 47 cents, or 13%, since before Russia invaded Ukraine 11 days ago.

There are now 18 states, plus Washington, DC, where the price is $4 or greater. Wholesale gasoline prices rose 23 cents in trading on Friday. The average US household uses about 90 gallons of gas a month, so a $1.25 increase costs consumers roughly $105 a month, or nearly $1,300 over the course of a year.

In January, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and the New York State Assembly Minority Conference introduced legislation (A.8481) Gas Sales Tax Elimination Act that would suspend the state sales tax and provide an option to suspend the local gas sales tax immediately, saving at least 20 cents a gallon statewide.

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt stated, “We need immediate relief now. The state legislative majorities must pass our gas sales tax elimination act and the Governor must sign it immediately. This bill would bring at least 20 cents of savings per gallon for local families and businesses struggling with skyrocketing gas prices in real-time. These prices are unprecedented and unaffordable. Families cannot afford to fill their tanks, it is driving food and essential good prices even higher. The state can act right now, there is no moment to wait.”

Schmitt continued, “We need to support ALL American energy. This is about the economic security of American families, our national security, and, as we’ve seen in Europe, the security of free people around the world. We need to support American energy and we need an all-of-the-above strategy that includes renewable energy and fossil fuels, as well as American innovation to expedite the development of the next generation of energy sources.Right now, we can’t afford to take anything off the table and we need to reverse course on the Biden Administration’s policies which restricted our ability to access and transport our domestic energy supply.”

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne stated, “I would like to say thank Assemblyman Schmitt for his hard work raising awareness for these legislative proposals that we have been fighting for, for quite some time. Inflation is a tax, make no mistake, and people have been feeling the pain of inflation for several months. There is no worse type of inflated cost than energy costs. Whether it’s to heat your home or fill up your car, the people of the State of New York are struggling”

Ulster County Legislator Kevin Roberts stated, “Right now, in the Hudson Valley, families are getting hit hard at the gas pumps and grocery stores due to poor leadership and reckless policies that set our nation back. Something has to give, and new leadership is required.”

Tony Cardone, Supervisor of Monroe stated, “Joe Biden, Sean Maloney, and Kathy Hochul are not up to the task. With Majority lawmaker’s control of our state and nation, the prices in gas that we see today are to be expected. I thank Assemblyman Schmitt for his dedication in legislating and fighting for all Hudson Valley residents.”

Joseph Bucco, Mayor of Washingtonville stated, “We have not seen prices like these in more than a decade, and unfortunately, it appears it will only get worse. We need real action and real solutions to fix this problem. I fully support Assemblyman Colin Schmitt’s push to stop the gas tax while we get our country moving again.”

Kathryn Luciani, Town of Woodbury Councilwoman stated, “Overspending, over-regulating, and one-party Majority control of our state government has brought us to this point. The reason I am running for the State Assembly is to bring common sense back to government. I am proud to stand with Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, who is taking bold action, just as I will.”

Ronnie Diz, Chairman of the Haverstraw Republican Committee stated, “Our state and country are at a crossroads. State Government can provide relief immediately, what matters is will they. Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has proposed solutions that will aid our communities and residents, it’s time for Albany to act.”

Heather Bell, Orange County Chamber of Commerce stated, “Our businesses and communities are already hurting from this crisis. Legislators are now put to task with providing relief to keep our state moving. It is time to act.”

Jay Presutti and Tony Marino from East Coast Industrial Services stated, “My business and many others are struggling and have been since the onset of COVID. Through shutdowns, employment shortages, extreme supply chain disruptions, inflation, and now sky-rocketing gas prices, running a business in New York State has become untenable. Assemblyman Schmitt and the Assemblyman Minority Conference have proposed immediate relief that should be implemented, right away.”