Should we rename Donald Trump State Park?

With its location and size (consisting of 436 acres in Westchester and Putnam counties), Donald J. Trump State Park has the potential to become one of the most prestigious parks within the New York State parks system. However, the park has experienced limited use and very little funding since 2010 and does not appear on the official website for New York State Parks. Many individuals remain hopeful that with financial support from the State, along with private funding, this park's potential can become reality. However, some argue that the park’s name is an impediment to its improvement, deterring interest from donors and visitors.

New York State has always been known for welcoming and embracing people of all cultures and backgrounds, and our park system reflects these values. The OPRHP's Statement of Policy reads, "...our magnificent park, recreational and historic site system encourages and facilitates the use and enjoyment of such resources by the public and thereby promotes and enhances the wellbeing of each individual." Given Trump’s antagonistic statements and actions toward many different groups of people during his time in public life, some people consider leaving the park’s current name to be inconsistent with the park system’s stated values.

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