Fixing Route 9A, Together

Dear Constituent,

BIG NEWS! My office has just received word that the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council has added proposals to improve multiple roads in Assembly District 95 to the Transportation Improvement Program. Of keen interest to most people reading this is a brand-new proposal for resurfacing the stretch of 9A that runs from Route 133 to Maiden Lane, improving travel in the Town of Cortlandt, Village of Croton, and the Town and Village of Ossining. See page 13 of the attached file for more details on the project. The proposal indicates that some planning would begin next month, and the work would take place in 2024.

I have received so many messages from all over the district calling for repaving of this stretch of road. I have pushed hard to represent your concerns and get this project included on the Transportation Improvement Program, which is the means by which federal dollars are distributed for infrastructure projects in this region. You can help get this proposal (and any others you may feel strongly about - more are listed in the attached file) across the finish line by submitting comments in support during the public comment period opening tomorrow (Wednesday, May 17). Public comment ends at 4 PM on Friday, May 26. Comments are due in writing (by email only) to If you are writing about 9A resurfacing, please include the project number, 810357, in the subject heading of your emails.

I know how much fixing Route 9A matters to all of us. Sending concise, polite messages this week to about how important it is to fix this road will go a long way toward showing how much support there is for this project. Together, let’s fix 9A!

Assemblywoman Dana Levenberg