A Statement from Assemblywoman Diana C. Richardson

NY, NY – Over the past few years, it has been an honor to serve a community which surpasses every creed, color, and religion. As a descendant of immigrant parents, I understand the unique plight minority groups may experience.

As a public servant to a district that serves as a cultural melting pot, I have had the opportunity to work with an esteemed group of rabbis, pastors and community leaders. It has come to my attention that in a conversation about gentrification, the New York Post stated that I said, "It must be Jewish people."

I did not make these remarks; these allegations are false. As a passionate leader who values individuals on a human level, I condemn hate, anti-Semitism and racism.

I will continue to stand with each and every family, group, and leader that I represent. I am humbled by the support of the following community leaders, who truly understand my heart for tolerance, inclusivity and togetherness.

"As a colleague in the New York State Assembly, but more importantly as a close personal friend, I have known Diana to be a thoughtful, understanding and inclusive representative who has worked tirelessly to represent every family and resident of her district," said former Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. Her passion for public service and commitment to the community come straight from the heart and her unwavering advocacy is sincere and unwavering." - Former New York State Assemblymember Phil Goldfeder

"It seemed clear to me from the reports that it was not the assembly member who made the offensive comment. I accept her clear denial." - Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council.

"I believe that the NY Post reported #fakenews. Assemblymember Diana Richardson has always been a friend to our community. She has stated publicly on multiple occasions that gentrification is about economics not race."- Rabbi Yaacov Behrman, founder of the Jewish Future Alliance, Crown Heights

"I am all the way in Israel at the moment, on tour with 20 members from my church, which is located at 1250 St. John's Place, in Brooklyn. I have known Diana Richardson long before she was an elected official. In my encounter with her, she represents all the people in her district from all nationalities. This is a false statement about Diana, who is always working hard on behalf of all the people in her District." -Pastor Wenton Fyne, Beulah Church of the Nazarene, Crown Heights

"Assemblywoman Diana C. Richardson is certainly a passionate person who deeply cares for persons from all walks of life. Her heart is in the right place as a servant leader." – Father Vitet, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Crown Heights

"The Crown Heights community; in which I serve as a pastor, is one of unique beauty and cultural diversity. Due to Crown Height's myriad of races, cultures and religions; it requires leadership that understands and values its character; which Assemblywoman Diana Richardson has displayed during her time in office. It saddens me to see false allegations rise against a leader who has shown up time and time again for all those represented in her district. However, I do know that truth prevails and it will in this situation. My hope is that those who may have been hurt by these false allegations will find peace and trust in the honest character that has been demonstrated by our Assemblywoman (as it speaks for itself); so that we all can continue to work together in building a stronger and united Crown Heights and Brooklyn community." - Pastor Nikita Watson, MPH, Covenant Keepers Ministries, Crown Heights

"I have known Diana for several years. We have traveled to Israel together and spent a lot of time discussing legislation combating anti-Semitism as well as other issues of importance to the Jewish community. Diana has actively participated in Jewish and interfaith events, showing religious and cultural sensitivity. As a member of the Jewish community, I support her in her ongoing dialogue with her Jewish community." - Jeff Leb, United Jewish Appeal

"It has been my pleasure to work with Assemblymember Diana Richardson over the past few years. She is a voice for the voiceless and represents our community well. She is a champion for the people of her district and we are proud of the work she does." -Bishop Orlando Findlayter, New Hope Christian Fellowship, East Flatbush

"Assemblywoman Diana Richardson is an elected official whom my church and I know personally. I have known her long before she ran for elected office and eventually became the State Assemblywoman for the 43rd District in Brooklyn. During her tenure, she has been a fighter for the rights and the issues of all people, regardless of their racial, religious or ethnic background. Never have I heard her disrespecting any group or individual. Unlike many politicians, she is humble and shows up when she is invited anywhere, as much as she is able. She works for all, and not just any special interest group. I stand with her." -Reverend Edward Jenkins, Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Church, Crown Heights

"As a member of the clergy, I have the utmost appreciation and respect for Assemblywoman Richardson. She has worked tirelessly for the community and the state of New York. She has always embraced the diverse community she represents and most certainly respects everyone and deserves it in return." -Reverend Al Cockfield, God's Battalion of Prayer Ministries, East Flatbush

"I appreciate and respect everything Assemblywoman Richardson has done for the community and the state of New York. She has always exhibited character which warrants respect to and of everyone." -Reverend Terry lee, Byways & Hedges Youth For Christ Ministry, East Flatbush

"I can say with absolute confidence, that Assemblywoman Richardson has always maintained a high level of thoughtfulness and courteousness for all individuals throughout the state of New York. There is no way that these allegations can be true." -Father Eddie Alleyne, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Crown Heights