Statement from Assemblyman Fred Thiele Regarding the Department of State No Longer Objecting to Fishers Island Dredging Decision

Today, Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (D-Sag Harbor) issued the following statement regarding the Department of State’s decision to pull its objection to allow a Connecticut submarine builder to put dredged materials at a Long Island Sound disposal site near Fishers Island.

Assemblyman Thiele said, “The Long Island Sound is not a dumping ground. Local governments in the East End have worked hard and diligently to restore the habitats and water quality of the region. The Department of State’s decision to no longer object to Fishers Island dredging is ill-considered. It miserably fails to protect Long Island beaches, groundwater, wetlands and surface waters, and jeopardizes the commendable efforts of local environmental groups and agencies.

Enabling General Dynamics Electric Boat to use a site close to Fishers Island to offload toxic and hazardous materials poses a clear and serious threat to our fishing industry, our economy and our environment. Urging the EPA and the Army Corps to reduce their open water disposal in the area is not enough. The Department of State needs to act swiftly to prevent any further contamination into Long Island Sound and to help protect, not undermine, its environmental and economic resources. The First Assembly District has the most coastline in New York and the last thing we need is another threat to our ecosystem at a time when the impacts of climate change are becoming more disruptive. I stand with local civic and environmental leaders in the fight against this imprudent and irresponsible plan.”