Statement from Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. on the Proposed Increase in the MTA Payroll Tax

One of the proposals in the Governor’s proposed 2023-24 Executive Budget is an increase in the MTA payroll tax. I voted against the institution of this onerous levy back in 2009 and worked diligently to at least a partial rollback of this ill-considered charge for many small businesses.

Any attempt to now increase this tax even further is a non-starter for me in 2023. On eastern Long Island, we have time and again requested increased service to address traffic congestion, particularly on the South Fork. The South Fork Commuter Connection has been one of the LIRR’s few successes in recent years with ever-growing ridership. Yet, when we request capital funding to further grow the service, it falls on deaf ears.

When it comes to increasing the MTA payroll tax, my answer is the same one I received last Spring when I asked the LIRR to continue summer Friday service on the South Fork Commuter Connection: NO!