Thiele: Bill Stiffens Penalties on Repeat Child Abusers

Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (I, D, WF-Sag Harbor) announced that the Assembly passed a bill that he sponsored to crack down on repeat child abusers (A.2623-A). The legislation is in response to the tragic abuse of Western New York infant Jay J. Bolvin, whose abuser was previously convicted of assaulting a child.

“This measure is aimed directly at repeat offenders of child abuse,” Assemblyman Thiele said. “We need to do more to curb this reprehensible behavior and keep our children safe. Under this legislation, our children would have the protections they deserve.”

Under this measure, the window for charging an adult with aggravated assault upon a person less than 11 years old will be extended from 3 to 10 years. Aggravated assault is a class E felony, carrying a maximum sentence of 4 years in prison.

In 2011, then-infant Jay J. Bolvin from North Tonawanda, NY, was beaten by his father and left with major injuries. Four years prior to the attack, Jay J.’s father was convicted of assault for beating and breaking the arm of another son. However, the second crime barely eclipsed the three-year window for an aggravated assault charge and therefore it could not be charged.

“It’s time to strengthen our laws to ensure repeat child abusers don’t get off the hook,” Assemblyman Thiele said. “This measure sends a clear and tough message to repeat child abusers: If you hurt a child in New York State, you will face the consequences.”