Finch Statement on Majority Members Passing Radical Healthcare Bill

June 15, 2018

“There’s more we need to do to make healthcare more accessible and more affordable for New Yorkers. However, the radical bill passed by the Assembly Majority today would do more harm than good. First, it’s built on the assumption that the federal government would grant the state a waiver to pool Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Assistance funding to bolster a single payer program. I have received no indication that President Trump or Congressional leaders of either party would be inclined to do so.

“Additionally, I don’t think our middle-class families should be asked to shoulder over $91.5 billion in new taxes to pay for this program. It is a staggering cost. New Yorkers already face some of the highest taxes in the country. I am deeply skeptical that our state government would operate this program efficiently, particularly when a recent audit from the comptroller exposed over $1.3 billion in wasteful payments doled out through our state’s Medicaid program. If we can’t administer existing state healthcare programs effectively, I find it hard to believe we could run what would become one of the largest healthcare systems in the world overnight without even more waste, fraud and abuse.”