An Important Message from Assemblyman Gary D. Finch

A Statement by Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I-Springport)

“Early this week, the New York State On PAUSE Act went into effect. It’s extensive and aggressive. It requires all non-essential businesses to close. It cancels all non-essential gatherings of any size. It requires individuals who leave home for solitary exercise or to secure essential supplies to practice safe social distancing. It requires individuals seeking medical care to have a preemptive telehealth screening to ensure that they must leave home.

“There are voices in our communities who believe that this response is an overreaction. They are wrong. We began last week with around one thousand positive cases statewide. That number skyrocketed to over 25,000 by this morning. And while the administration has done a commendable job increasing testing, it is a certainty that there are thousands of exposed New Yorkers who have been unable to get tested due to shortages or have been advised by healthcare professionals to self-isolate unless their condition dramatically worsens.

“Make no mistake, the virus is here. It is no cause for panic. It does demand a serious response. By socially isolating, we can slow the spread of the virus so we don’t overwhelm the capacity of the healthcare system at any one time.

“Please, don’t leave the house to do anything other than pick up prescriptions, go to the grocery store, or engage in solitary exercise. Stay indoors as much as possible until instructions from the experts change. Believe me, there are very few people in the Legislature who can match my commitment to individual liberties, open markets and economic growth. However, this is an unprecedented emergency, and these measures are temporary.

“To stay up to date on state government’s response to the outbreak, visit

“To apply for unemployment, visit ​

“For more information on emergency small business loans from the federal government, visit

“Small business owners can find assistance and information at and information about the state’s Shared Work Program at

“Please, don’t hesitate to contact my office at (315) 255-3045 or send an email to should you need assistance.

“Stay well and be safe,” said Finch.