Assemblymember Bronson: Legislation will bring much-needed money to SUNY schools

“As a proud product of the SUNY system: undergraduate at SUNY Oswego and graduate law studies at the University at Buffalo, I know the quality and value of our state colleges are top-notch. To ensure they continue in that tradition, I supported legislation that will generate an estimated $43 million for the SUNY system in just the first year of the plan’s five-year life.

“The plan calls for an annual tuition increase of $300 each of the next five years that will protect students against unpredictable hikes while funneling the money directly back to the individual colleges, where it’ll be put to good use improving the schools and keeping them competitive. And TAP recipients shouldn’t worry – the plan shields them from the increase based on their level of financial assistance, making sure the highest-need students will not be burdened by these increases. In addition the legislation provides for a maintenance of effort that will require future state financial support of this vital higher education system. Students and the SUNY system will benefit from this tuition proposal for years to come.”