Assemblymember Bronson: Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Awarded $68.8 Million in Funding

“I applaud Governor Cuomo and Lt. Governor Duffy for leadership in creating, structuring and organizing the Regional Economic Development Councils that started the dialogue between stake-holders leading to today’s announcement. The Governor and Lt. Governor understand what many of us already knew, that to grow our state’s economy we have to work from the bottom-up.”

“The only way to get our state back to work is to invest in our strengths, to roll up our sleeves, identify what we do best and have the state help us to make it happen. Our local Regional Council did its work so we can put people back to work.”

“With the investment of these funds and a public-private partnership driven from the bottom-up we have a strategy for success that we now can begin to implement.”

“I want to recognize and congratulate co-chairs Danny Wegman and Joel Seligman along with all of the members of the Regional Council along with so many of the people from our area who afforded invaluable comments and suggestions throughout the process for their ability to understand and identify the local assets and needs of our region.”

“The plan submitted by the Finger Lakes Regional Council recognizes both the natural and human resources that make our economy one of the most diverse in the nation. With today’s announcement the Finger Lakes region will transform to a diverse, knowledge-based economy by building on strengths that include renewable natural resources, a talented and highly educated workforce, a historic commitment to innovation and philanthropy, leadership as the state’s top agricultural region, international recognition as a center for optics and photonics, and national leadership in per capita intellectual property and degrees in higher education.”

“Again, I applaud the Governor, Lt. Governor, and all members of our community who took time out for their schedules to participate in our economic future to grow our economy and put people to work. It is now time to implement our strategy to help get people back to work.”