Assemblymember Bronson: Comprehensive Proposal Will Help Stabilize Economy and Allow Young Adults to Enter the Workforce

“The legislation we are taking up today will ensure the state’s fiscal stability, while also providing much-needed tax relief, cutting taxes for our struggling middle class. Not only are we making our tax code more fair for all, I am pleased to see the push to jumpstart job creation through investing in infrastructure programs creating good-paying jobs. We also will be funding a crucial program to help our inner-city youth find work.

“The Inner-City Youth Employment Program will provide a $25 million tax credit for employers who hire unemployed young adults between 16 to 24 years of age. This program will help our city of Rochester youth to get the training they need and a foot in the door to full employment. The program will provide a tax credit for eligible employers with businesses in fields such as clean energy, health care, advanced manufacturing and conservation.

“The legislation also provides valuable funding for job training programs which will help our youth gain the skills they need to succeed. I will continue to fight to ensure that our young adults have every opportunity to be valuable members of society.”