Ashby Tours University at Albany’s East Campus

On Friday, June 8, Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I,Ref-Castleton) toured the University at Albany’s East Campus, and once again urged the state Department of Health to consider the site for its new $750 million Wadsworth Center facility. Located at the Rensselaer County Health Science Campus in East Greenbush, the location offers ample space and resources to accommodate the full array of Wadsworth’s cutting-edge biotechnology and public health research, which to this point has been inconveniently spread across multiple locations.

Joining Ashby to tour the campus and discuss this potential project, SUNY Albany’s Dean of the School of Public Health David Holtgrave and University at Albany Foundation CFO and Executive Director Richard P. McGinn Jr. echoed Ashby’s calls for a new Wadsworth Center at the college’s East Greenbush campus. All three acknowledged the significance of this project, not only to the continued success of both organizations, but to residents of the 107th Assembly District as well.

“Today, I was happy to meet with leadership from University at Albany’s School of Public Health, University at Albany Foundation, state government and Rensselaer County to discuss the consolidation of the Wadsworth Center,” said Ashby. “The successful and storied relationship between the Wadsworth Center and the University at Albany has produced world- famous research and internationally-renowned scientists, including Nobel laureate Joachim Frank. The State would be remiss to pass up this opportunity to continue the growth of this productive partnership.

Ashby was also joined by Sen. Kathy Marchione’s Legislative Director Daphne Jordan along with multiple members of the Rensselaer County Legislature, including Chairman Mike Stammel, Vice Chairwoman Kelly Hoffman, Vice-Chairman for Finance Bob Loveridge, Tom Grant and Dan Casale. The Rensselaer County Legislature has introduced a Resolution encouraging the state to select East Greenbush as the new site for the Wadsworth Facility.

Originally founded as the State Antitoxin Laboratory in 1901, the Wadsworth Center has established itself as a world leader in the public health investigation and research field. Wadsworth employs state-of-the art technology to perform a wide variety of functions, including responding to emerging public health threats, regulating clinical laboratories and overseeing programs related to breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, stem cells and spinal cord injuries.

“We live in the epicenter of tick-borne illness and the Wadsworth Center continues to be at the forefront of vector-borne disease research,” Ashby continued. “This site provides unprecedented scientific cooperation from academia, private enterprise and government entities, providing an environment conducive to continued expansion and success. Geographically, economically and scientifically, East Greenbush is the best location for this new facility.”

To learn more about the importance of this project, or to discuss any additional state matter, please contact Ashby’s office at 518-455-5777.