Ashby Joins with East Greenbush Leaders Calling for Wadsworth Center to be Located at SUNY Health Sciences East Campus

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I,Ref-Castleton) joined with State Senator Daphne Jordan, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin, Chairman of the Rensselaer County Legislature Michael Stammel, Vice Chair of the Rensselaer County Legislature Kelly Hoffman and District-2 Rensselaer County Legislators Tom Grant, Leon Fiacco and Rob Bayly in drafting a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging him to locate the Wadsworth Center, the State Health Department’s research laboratory, to the University at Albany’s Health Sciences East Campus located in East Greenbush.

According to a Deloitte report, Wadsworth Center would bring 1,200 new jobs and roughly $2.3 billion in economic activity. Deloitte had suggested the East Greenbush site as an ideal location due to the proximity to public and private research sites. Despite Deloitte’s recommendation and the East Greenbush site providing for future site expansion and the unique ability to continue a fruitful partnership with the University at Albany, the governor announced his intent to locate the research center at the State Harriman Campus in Albany

“The SUNY Albany Health Sciences East Campus in East Greenbush is the ideal site for the Wadsworth Center,” said Ashby, who sits on the Assembly Committee on Health. “The East Greenbush location offers greater opportunities for collaboration and innovation in research. I am proud to join with East Greenbush elected officials in urging the governor to reconsider East Greenbush as the home of the Wadsworth Center.”

“The Governor’s decision to build the new Wadsworth Center at the Harriman State Office Campus is Albany was disheartening. Many community stakeholders and I correctly view the University at Albany’s Health Sciences Campus in Rensselaer County as the logical and best choice for the laboratory. This was true in 2018 and remains true today. We hope the administration will reconsider its decision and realize the many efficiencies and benefits of locating the Wadsworth Center Laboratory at the University at Albany’s Health Sciences Campus in East Greenbush. I’m proud to partner with Assemblyman Ashby, County Executive McLaughlin, Chairman Stammel and Legislators Grant, Hoffman, Fiacco and Bayly in this important effort,” said Senator Daphne Jordan (R,C,I,Ref – Halfmoon).

"We firmly believe the Rensselaer County location that was considered as a finalist for Wadsworth was the best site in terms of location, cost, convenience and services. Professionals involved in the move and the service provided have also stated a preference for the State University site in East Greenbush. We would respectfully ask that the State University site here be reconsidered as the home for this world-class laboratory," said Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin. 

“Let’s continue to work together,” said East Greenbush’s County Legislator Tom Grant. “A dual county collaborative approach where the governor cites all or a portion of the laboratory in East Greenbush will best serve the people of our region and State.”