Ashby Helps Unveil NY Tax Relief Act

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I,Ref-Castleton), along with his Assembly Minority colleagues, helped to unveil the NY Tax Relief Act, an eight-bill package which includes making the property tax cap permanent, the creation of a senior property tax freeze, and increasing the STAR rebate.

“New Yorkers are overburdened with astronomically high taxes, and without intervention we will continue to see millions of our residents driven out of the state due to the high cost of living here,” said Ashby. “This is why our NY Tax Relief Act is so critical; it creates solutions to create relief, prevent tax growth and reduce costs on municipalities. This is a plan that would help everyone across the state.”

The NY Tax Relief Act includes the following:

  • Permanent Property Tax Cap – Makes the cap permanent with the promise of a three-year ban on unfunded mandates that burden local government. Additionally requires the comptroller to conduct a study to determine unfunded mandates which could be eliminated;
  • Senior Property Tax Freeze – Freezes the property taxes of individuals 62 years or older who have an income of $120,000 or less. Tax rates will not increase, however, they still could be eligible to be reduced through new exemptions or other tax relief measures;
  • 3/5th Supermajority to Approve New Taxes – Requires a supermajority vote of 3/5th in the Legislature to pass new taxes;
  • STAR Property Tax Relief Increase – Increases the property relief credit by 25 percent;
  • State Medicaid Takeover – Would require the state through different mechanisms to take over the costs of Medicaid. Local governments over a five-year period will reduce their contributions to Medicaid, then counties will be required to pass on the relief to taxpayers dollar-for-dollar; and
  • 18-A Surcharge Elimination – Remove a surcharge on utility bills paid by New Yorkers.