Ashby Supports Raising Direct-Care Worker Wages To A Competitive Rate

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I,Ref-Castleton) is calling for the wages of direct-care workers to be increased to a competitive rate in the final budget. The governor recently announced a commitment to increase these wages; however, he would not give any specific number. Currently, fast food wages are creeping up on the wages of direct-care workers who have to deal with considerably more stressors in their jobs while caring for the elderly or individuals with developmental and physical disabilities.

“New York’s direct-care workers deserve a competitive and living wage for the tough and loving work they do in order to care for the most vulnerable in our communities,” said Ashby. “Due to the pressure of direct care workers, the governor just announced that he would include a wage increase, but knowing how Albany works and without the governor giving specific numbers I’ll hold back on celebrating just yet. Caring for our seniors and those with developmental and physical disabilities is not an easy job and it really should require a competitive wage so we can keep attracting the best out of the workforce.”

Ashby supports a 3.25 percent wage adjustment for direct care workers which was agreed upon in the 2017-18 Enacted State Budget. The Assembly Majority only proposed providing partial funding for their wage increase.