Ashby: Immediate Action Must Be Taken for Misuse of Medicaid Funds to Pay for ED Medications for Sex Offenders

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I,Ref-Castleton), who sits on the Assembly Committee on Health, is calling for immediate action to be taken by the state to stop the misuse of Medicaid funds which have been wrongfully paying for erectile dysfunction (ED)medications and other sexual treatments for sex offenders. More than $63,000 in Medicaid funds has been shelled out to pay for these drugs, which is prohibited by the program. Worse yet, an audit by the State Comptroller’s Office found that 47 sex offenders were receiving ED medications and sexual dysfunction treatments paid on the taxpayer dollar.

“It is troubling that New York has been wastefully paying for sexual enhancement drugs through Medicaid, which is prohibited. Even more troubling is that 47 sex offenders have gone under the radar receiving these medications on our dime,” said Ashby. “This must be stopped immediately, and an investigation as to how this could happen must commence now. I am disgusted that this oversight could have happened in our state.”