Ashby Votes In Opposition To The Assembly Majority’s Bill Issuing Driver’s Licenses To Illegals

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R,C,I,Ref-Castleton) opposed legislation passed by the Assembly Majority giving illegal immigrants New York driver’s licenses. The so-called Green Light Bill is opposed by a majority of New Yorkers, according to several polls conducted by Siena College over the past few months, with even stronger disapproval coming from upstate residents. Early in the debate, Ashby stood in solidarity with the county clerks, sheriffs and other law enforcement who raised serious concerns over the legislation.

“Supporters of this bill seem happy to reward those who break our laws, whether it is illegal immigrants or criminals within our state, to make political statements. But those who pay are New Yorkers, with an increased risk to our safety and new burdens placed on local government,” said Ashby. “I voted no because this bill encourages lawlessness, rewards those who break the law and distracts the Legislature from working on the pressing needs faced by hardworking New Yorkers.”