Ashby Introduces Legislation To Create A $5,000 Tax Credit For Small Businesses For Upgrades To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19

Assemblyman Jake Ashby (R, C, I, Ref- Castleton) is introducing a bill that will provide small businesses with a tax credit for making appropriate upgrades to decrease the spread of COVID-19. These upgrades, including personal protective equipment like sanitation products and shields, will ensure the safest reopening possible for its employees and customers.

This bill has widespread bipartisan support due to the protection of small businesses that make up our communities and the customers that are needed to stimulate the economy.

Assemblyman John T. McDonald III stated am proud to support this commonsense legislation that would provide additional financial assistance for small businesses in order to help them prioritize the health and safety of our citizens and their customers. We need to continue to support our small businesses as they move forward on the path to recovery after this devastating pandemic, as the recovery will be a long road.

Mark Eagan, President and CEO of the Capital Region Chamber stated applaud Assemblyman Ashby and McDonald for introducing legislation which will provide much-needed relief to our small businesses. I urge the state legislature to quickly take up and pass this bill. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy; they have faced incredible hardships during the COVID-19 crisis, and the state must provide the necessary support to allow them to reopen and thrive.

Small businesses are essential to local communities and help stimulate the economy across the state. Ashby tax credit would ensure businesses the safest reopening possible without suffering losses from the high costs of protective gear. With the safe reopening of many small businesses, local communities can begin to grow and prosper once again.