Lemondes Pushes for Further BOCES Exposure Following Job Needs in New York

Assemblyman John Lemondes (R,C,I-Lafayette), a longtime proponent of vocational education and apprenticeships, is once again encouraging people of all ages to consider entering the vocational education arena to pursue alternatives for work preparation. With a growing need for tradesmen across the state, and with an economy struggling to get back on its feet, Lemondes believes vocational school to be just one solution to getting people into the working world.

“Around 38,000 students develop college-level and career-imperative skills through the Board of Cooperative Education Services’ (BOCES) program, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” Lemondes said. “As someone who works in an industry where a college degree is just one of many certifications that can be used to highlight an individual’s capability, I believe very strongly that these alternatives can support a lot of people looking for other options. Classrooms aren’t for everyone, and the hands-on experience one could learn in these environments is invaluable.”

“This is a topic I’m incredibly passionate about, and I plan to continue to promote and expand BOCES’ capability to attract qualified individuals into their program for years to come,” Lemondes concluded.