My Commitment To Improving Western New York

As I begin my first term as your new assemblyman, may I say that it is my honor and privilege to continue my public service in this new capacity. While I travel the 149th Assembly District, I will continue to listen closely the needs and ideas of all constituents. Furthermore, as new ideas and issues emerge, I will also carry on my campaign message of lower taxes, effective Medicaid reform and economic resurgence.

From my early days in area sheriff’s departments to my most recent assignment as a deputy inspector general, my experience and expertise lay in helping communities grow socially and economically. For me, protecting our families, reducing job-killing taxes and reforming out-of-control programs like Medicaid are our most pressing issues.

As I begin my work as an assemblyman, I can tell you with certainty that I plan on actively making Western New York an even better and safer place to raise a family and grow a business then it already is by bringing greater accountability to the state government and using the values we, as Western New Yorkers cherish, in my official endeavors.

Once the legislative session resumes, either by special session or the regular January session, I will strongly support all measures that increase our quality of life, lower taxes for our hard-working families and business owners and, with utmost diligence, support legislation that protects our women and children from dangerous repeat sexual offenders. Furthermore, the time is now to rein in out-of-control Medicaid spending that is causing our property taxes to skyrocket. I support the state takeover of the Medicaid program because this critical reform is the only way to alleviate the ever-increasing burden on our counties. By reducing – and ultimately eliminating – unnecessary government spending, we are essentially putting hard-earned money back into our families’ pockets.

We are sure to face financial, economic and social challenges in the coming years, but together I believe that as long as we remember the principles that make our communities strong – integrity and values – we can continue to make our region a more attractive place for new families to start their lives, small businesses to grow their markets and tourists to experience all that we have to offer in this special part of the Empire State.