Giglio Appointed to Hunting and Fishing Task Force

Assembly Minority Leader Charles H. Nesbitt (R,C,I-Albion) recently appointed Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda) to the Assembly Minority Task Force on the State of Hunting and Fishing.

The 18-member panel is charged with developing initiatives for potential use by the state to increase the vitality of New York’s traditional outdoor sports; boost the number of recreational anglers and hunters; invest in land for outdoor recreation and open spaces; enhance state efforts to manage game species and expand fishing opportunities; and protect the rights of traditional outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The task force recognizes that traditional outdoor sports, such as fishing and hunting, are deeply rooted in New York history and that these activities significantly impact the state’s tourism, quality of life and economy. Giglio and his committee colleagues will gather information and develop a strategy to guide the state into this new century, taking into account the need to protect open space and the environment, while increasing game resources. The panel will craft legislation keeping individual rights in mind and provide for a healthy and renewable environment for our children and future generations, the lawmaker said.

"I thank Leader Nesbitt for appointing me to the Hunting and Fishing Task Force and giving me the opportunity to discuss and assist some of New York’s most popular outdoor activities," said Giglio.

"The 149th Assembly District is one of the most popular hunting and fishing regions in New York and my place on this task force will allow me to highlight our prestigious region. Fishermen and hunters bring more than $2.1 billion to our state each year and I, along with my task force colleagues, will work hard to help these industries which have become an economic engine for our state and important tradition to many families," Giglio added.