Medicaid Inspector To Combat Fraud

Giglio: Taxpayers will save millions

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R-Gowanda) today expressed passionate support for an agreement that was reached between the state Senate and Assembly to create the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General to be appointed by the governor. Giglio believes New York taxpayers will save millions of dollars in recovered fraud, waste and abuse that has been costing the state more than $4.5 billion annually.

Giglio, a member of the Assembly Minority Task Force on Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse, believes the legislation will serve as an important landmark for taxpayers and a potential turning point for the Medicaid program that has suffered through rampant abuse.

“I have been fighting for legislation designed to control government spending and end wasted tax money,” said Giglio. “The Office of the Medicaid Inspector General is one piece of legislation I have been pushing for throughout this session that saves taxpayers money while limiting abuse in the Medicaid program.”

As part of the agreement, Senate majority members abandoned the provision to give the Medicaid Inspector General a five-year term while the Assembly majority rescinded their demand to allow individuals to bring private lawsuits against others for Medicaid fraud if the state wouldn't act.

As a former deputy inspector general, Giglio conducted investigations of alleged criminal activity, fraud and abuse by individuals and company officials who deal with state agencies. Giglio believes cracking down on wasteful government programs is essential to saving taxpayer money and limiting the size of government.

“The Medicaid program is very important to many New Yorkers,” said Giglio. “However, the abuse in the system was costing the people of this state too much money for far too long.”

Among the fifty states, New York has consistently ranked first in money spent on Medicaid and last in recovered fraud and abuse. Giglio is optimistic of the Medicaid Inspector General’s ability to begin the process of reversing these trends.

“Since my election to the Assembly, I have fought as an agent of change, avoiding the status quo that has thrown our government into reverse,” said Giglio. “This important legislative victory shows my firm commitment to saving taxpayers’ money while passing real reform to correct the flaws of state government.”