Giglio Calls On Assembly Leaders To Shift Focus On Key Issues

With less than two days remaining in this year’s legislative session, Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) is calling on Assembly leadership to change its focus to issues that he says impact millions of New Yorkers such as property taxes, job creation, and Medicaid reform.

“It appears another session will go by where an opportunity to lower property taxes goes by the wayside,” said Giglio. “Out-of-control property taxes are placing unrealistic burdens on homeowners throughout the Southern Tier and the state. I encourage Assembly leadership to set aside partisan agendas for one day and let us get to work on delivering the relief residents desperately need.

“As we face a dwindling population because of escalating property taxes and a lack of jobs, Assembly leadership sees it fit that we discuss one-house, partisan legislation for hours on end, which affect only a small segment of New Yorkers,” said Giglio. “There are matters far more pressing which affect millions more that are simply being ignored. Hospital closures, soaring gas prices, and Medicaid reform should soar to the top of any legislative priority list as we prepare to close on this year’s session.”