Giglio Calls for Passage of Legislation to Solve New York’s Nursing Shortage Crisis

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) joined his Assembly Minority Conference colleagues today in calling for action to help alleviate the nursing shortage crisis in New York state. They are introducing and supporting a package of legislation that is geared toward the recruitment and retention of nurses.

"I’ve heard from many professionals in my District and across the Southern Tier about the reality of a severe nursing shortage. It’s certainly the time to come together and reach a solution that will help this looming problem. We have proposed a solution that includes a five-bill package that will provide loan forgiveness and financial incentives to encourage nursing professionals to stay here and work here. I call on the Assembly Majority to join my Conference in supporting this legislative package."

The following are proposals that Giglio hopes will gain some traction in the coming months:

  • Assembly Bill A.4980-A – Enacts the "New York State Nursing Shortage Correction Act." Creates the New York State nursing recruitment incentive and retention program and provides for the reimbursement of student loans if a person is a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Directs that SUNY and CUNY shall pay for a person’s education if such person signs a contract stating that he or she shall work in New York state as a registered nurse;
  • Assembly Bill A.3001-A - Establishes the "Empire State Professional Nursing Scholarship Program" to provide financial support to applicants to enter or continue in registered nurse educational programs and who agree to deliver nursing care in a specialty setting or designated region of New York having a shortage of nurses or to teach nursing students;
  • Assembly Bill A.4757 - Establishes the "Regents Nursing Professional’s Loan Forgiveness Program" for applicants who agree to engage in employment as nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice centers;
  • Assembly Bill A.4158 - Creates a baccalaureate and associate nursing assistance program within the Department of Health to provide loans to persons in pursuit of nursing degrees at a college or university in the state. Provides that nurses receiving loans will be obligated for one year of service as nurses in New York for each year assistance was received; and
  • Assembly Bill A.5221 - Provides for the preservation of a claimant’s eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits while the claimant is studying to become a certified teacher or a registered professional nurse in a training program that does not take more than 48 months to complete.