Giglio Calls For Accountability In Legislature

Assemblyman proposes rules changes to improve New York’s broken government

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) today announced his support for the rules changes proposed by the Assembly Minority conference, which aim to create a more transparent government that works more efficiently for the people of New York state.

“In these tough economic times, New Yorkers are learning to budget more effectively; it is time that the state learns to do the same. We must end the overtaxing and overspending by state government,” stated Giglio. “Albany needs reform and the best way for this to happen is by implementing these rules changes, however, once again the Assembly majority has shot down our proposition.”

The proposal to establish these new rules was created for the purpose of allowing all individuals in New York state to be represented equally, as well as to prevent unsustainable mandates on local governments:

  • Allows for each Member of the Assembly to be given the chance to bring at least one statewide bill to the floor for a vote during each term;
  • Requires bills which impose unfunded mandates or create additional taxes to be specifically labeled;
  • Provides equal funding for payroll allocations and staffing for member’s offices, regardless of party affiliation;
  • Requires that all bills reported to the floor, be accompanied by reports showing all of the committee’s work on the bill.

“I am proud of the efforts the Minority in the Assembly have taken to create a more transparent and effective state government,” stated Giglio. “We will continue to fight for a process of open and bi-partisan government as to ensure representation of all New Yorkers across the state regardless of political affiliation or local ties.”