Giglio: State Parks Bill Nothing More Than A Money Grab, Hurts Businesses

Statement from Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda)

This bill that supposedly helps save state parks is nothing more than a money grab by legislative leaders. The state needs $11 million to reopen these parks and we have had the means to do it, yet legislative leaders continue to hold a gun to the heads of legislators on issues that require simple solutions. The same type of scenario remains: to either vote to reopen state parks or vote for millions in unnecessary tax and fee increases. This bill is counter-productive; it raises taxes and fees on businesses by $14 million, which includes a tax and fee carryover of $10.8 million from last year, adds over $3 million in new fees and surcharges, and sweeps an additional $78 million from the Environmental Protection Fund. This is nothing more than manipulation in order to repair a deficit and economic crisis legislative leaders helped create. I will not vote for a bill that increases taxes and fees or sweeps dedicated environmental protection funds into the general fund in order to band-aid irresponsible decisions these leaders have made. While the state parks may be open, this is not the way to go about reopening them.