Giglio: Special Session Is Exercise In Futility

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) has expressed his frustration with the state Legislature’s inability to take any meaningful action during this week’s special session. Between the drain of taxpayer dollars and complete lack of activity, Giglio labeled this week’s meetings both an embarrassment and a failure.

“This week’s special session has been an absolute disgrace,” he said. “Three men in a room with egos bigger than the state of New York have once again circumvented every law governing the legislative process, accomplishing absolutely nothing but the waste of taxpayer dollars.”

Gathering the Legislature in Albany has amounted to a bill of roughly $100,000 per day for taxpayers across the state. Adding insult to injury, no meaningful debate took place and no progress was made, adding to the ever-growing list of failures compiled by the majorities throughout the year.

“The legislative process has devolved into the height of absurdity,” Giglio said. “This week’s session stands as yet another embarrassment to taxpayers that are being completely failed by floundering legislative leaders, who are flaunting their indifference toward their constituents for all the world to see. Dysfunction in Albany has truly hit a new low, and I find the complete lack of leadership by the majorities to be absolutely shameful. New Yorkers deserve more out of their legislative leaders than the constant embarrassment that they continue to carry on with.”