Giglio Blasts DEC Regulations On Outdoor Wood Boilers

Assemblyman Joseph Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda) has written a letter to Acting Commissioner Peter Iwanowicz of the Department of Environmental Conservation expressing his opposition to the pending approval of additional, more restrictive regulations on outdoor wood boilers in New York state. The new regulations would restrict the use of some outdoor wood boilers, and would have a negative effect on New Yorkers who use them for heat in the winter and hot water in the summer. Any new regulations pertaining to these boilers will make it even harder on residents at a time when many already are struggling to pay their bills and provide for their families.

Assemblyman Giglio wrote in his letter, in part, “I urge the Department of Environmental Conservation to immediately cancel the pending approval of any regulation that further restricts the use of outdoor wood boilers. The negative consequences are insurmountable for many New York residents.”

“The DEC is attempting to pass regulation upon regulation in secret, days before the holiday, that could burden many residents of our State,” said Giglio. “With less than two weeks before our new governor takes office and with no commissioner appointed and consented to by the state Senate, the DEC is once again imposing additional regulations on taxpayers and residents that they should not have the authority to enact. These are policies that should be in the form of legislation that must be passed by majorities in the Assembly and Senate, and signed by the governor before they can become law.”

The Department of Environmental Conservation is scheduled to hold a meeting of its Environmental Review Board on Wednesday to approve the restrictive regulation on outdoor wood boilers with no public comment or hearings on the matter.

“Unfortunately, the DEC has decided to close the door on the taxpayers of New York state,” said Giglio. “The DEC received thousands of objectionable comments during the open comment period last spring, and because of those comments, it pledged to delay the implementation of further regulations until additional public hearings were scheduled. That has not happened.”

Click here to view A copy of the letter to Acting Commissioner.