Giglio: Bicycle Registration Proposal Absurd

Statement from Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R,I,C-Gowanda)

Two pieces of legislation were recently introduced in the New York State Assembly that would require the annual registration of personal and commercial bicycles and also would require that all bicycles be issued a license plate. I have heard from many constituents in my district, all of whom are adamantly opposed to this legislation.

These proposals which force New Yorkers to pay a fee to register their bicycles are outrageous. I agree with the vast majority of New York residents who have said enough is enough. This is a blatant attempt to collect additional revenue and we will not stand for it. Fortunately, no companion legislation has been introduced in the State Senate and there is very little chance of these measures becoming law.

The proposals have caused widespread consternation among residents for good reason. New Yorkers are tired of paying egregious fees and adhering to onerous regulations for activities as simple and enjoyable as riding a bicycle. I will work to ensure this legislation never becomes law.