Giglio: ‘NY SAFE Act’ Has Murky Details

Statement from Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda)

“My prayers go out to the families of Newtown and Webster, as well as all victims of senseless violence. I agree that we must end these inhumane acts, but we must do so responsibly, with a balanced approach that does not unintentionally make criminals out of law-abiding New Yorkers.

The so-called New York SAFE Act does not do enough to enhance public safety and protect the most vulnerable in our society. Its 'debate' was rushed and confined exclusively to firearms, when a more comprehensive conversation – about mental health, violence in the media and family stability – would have been in order. Equally troubling, there have been neither public hearings nor a proper vetting of the law's murky details.

I cannot and will not support legislation that is rammed through the Assembly and that does not go far enough to protect families or address the root causes of the evil everyone in this chamber would like to end. This body can do so much better.”