Giglio: End Of Session Must Include Regulation Reform

Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda) announced today that he will be joining the New York State Senate Majority Coalition on a package of bills aimed at identifying and eliminating thousands of costly and unnecessary government regulations that strangle businesses, stifle job growth and drive-up municipal and school property taxes. Giglio, a long-time advocate for regulation reform, called the initiative a bi-partisan effort that should be a priority before the end of session.

“I, as well as my conference colleagues, have long fought to reform the State’s regulatory and rule-making process which leads to increased costs for businesses and taxpayers. Ultimately, it’s about jobs,” said Giglio. “As many people are talking about the governor’s tax-free zones, we cannot forget about the businesses that have been in this state for decades. Small businesses are the main driver of employment in this state; not moving on regulatory reforms for them would be a huge mistake.”

Giglio, a sponsor on many Assembly Minority proposals aimed at regulation reform, highlighted bills that would accomplish the same goals as the Senate Coalition:

Unfunded Mandate Relief

  • A.5001 – Prohibition of unfunded mandates, unless paid for by the state;
  • A.1570 – Places a permanent moratorium on unfunded mandates;

Economic Development

  • A.1731 – Expedite the approval process for power companies to make upgrades to existing transmission lines

Other proposals that Giglio said he would be interested in seeing included in any regulatory reform package might include:

Economic Development

  • A.4406 – Manufacturer Relocation Tax Credit;
  • A.1735 – Veteran Owned Business Enterprise Act;
  • A.5394 – Cornerstone and Discovery Program;
  • A.382 – 18-A Assessment Repeal;
  • A.1556 – Scaffold Act Reform;
  • A.379 – Scaffold Law Exemption;
  • A.1551 – Reauthorizes Industrial Development Agency financing of civic facilities;
  • A.1563 – Linked Deposit Program Expansion;
  • A.5363 – repeal the Diesel Emission Reduction Act of 2006, which is a costly mandate on the trucking industry;


  • A.5575 – “Manufacturing Preservation and Enhancement Act;”
  • A.4568 – Elimination of Corporate Franchise and Income Taxes for Manufacturers

“This should be an ongoing discussion that includes measures which focus on all facets of our economic engine,” said Giglio. “With session coming to a close, I strongly believe we would be doing the businesses, as well as the hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers in this state, a huge disservice if we left without addressing regulatory reform. As such, I look forward to working with the Senate Majority Coalition on adopting a complete package of bills that accomplishes the need for job growth, economic development, and reducing the burdensome state rules and regulations that businesses are forced to endure.”