Giglio Reacts To 2014-15 Budget Proposal

Statement by Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda)

“During the Governor’s delivery of his proposed 2014-15 State Budget this afternoon, I heard the outline of an ambitious package addressing a wide array of programs and spending plans. At first glance, I am optimistic about the economic recovery of New York State in the upcoming year, but I am also uncertain of some of the provisions the governor has proposed. As we proceed with the process of negotiating a final State budget, my priority will be reviewing the finite details of this massive plan.

I was happy to hear the Governor acknowledge the inefficiency in the Common Core program, and to hear him call for a comprehensive review of the program and standardized testing practices. For quite some time, I have been calling for adjustments to fix the program for our children and our teachers. Also, the proposed increase of school aid by 3.8 percent is a great first step, as the funds coming from the State help alleviate the local property taxes on homeowners.

Another important theme that reverberated in today’s budget message was the importance of tax reform and Upstate economic development efforts. Particularly, I was impressed with proposals that include the elimination of the temporary tax on commercial utility bills, the phase-out of that tax for all other utility bills, and tax relief for businesses and manufacturers. It’s time that New York recognizes the need to focus on recruiting and retaining our commercial industries and small businesses.

Though I do agree with some of the provisions brought up today, I continue to oppose the idea of using taxpayer money to pay for political campaigns. Rather, we should focus on comprehensive mandate relief, including the streamlining and elimination of many burdensome agency regulations. Mandate relief for our localities will create opportunities for job growth and further property-tax relief for middle-class families.”